FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy Review – One of the Best Spy Software in Details

We all see the growing popularity of monitoring programs. Individual or business use – it doesn’t matter. FlexiSpy is a powerful player on the field of spy programs. It has reliable policy and many offers, which are not supported by other developers. Get acquainted with it’s web site and find useful customer information: http://www.flexispy.com/.
This software has much attention now, because many programs don’t have the offered features any more. For example, mSpy and Mobile Spy.


The Latest December 2016 Update

New times are coming and the development moves in it’s own progressive temp. Web site shows the seriousness of the company. It should look nice and professionally. The described software has a new re-designed site. Everything is easy to find, it’s filled with proper information. The main plus is the upgraded Dashboard. The user will understand everything from the first time. Choose the needed report and view it with delight.

Compatibility of The Software

There’s an exact list of devices and cell phones, which can be supported by this software. FlexiSpy review couldn’t leave this fact behind. Developer offers to spy upon users of:

  • Apple devices running iOS up to 9.0.x;
  • Nokia Symbian running Anna and Belle;
  • Android cell phones and devices up to version 6;
  • BlackBerry supported up to 7.1.

Check the target phone and it’s Operating System before buying. Apple gadgets are obliged to be Jailbroken. Take care of Android devices too. Root them.
Read all the information about supported devices on their site. Software isn’t available for all types.

FlexiSpy ReviewInstallation Helper

There are great news for those, who search for help for installation. FlexiSpy offers new service White Glove for $39. Buy this option, determine time, prepare target device, computer or laptop and leave internet connected. At the most convenient moment the distant expert will install software on your phone or some other device.
That’s needed, if you aren’t going to do it by yourself. But Installation process is not scaring. Just make right steps and you’ll do it successfully.

Standard Offers

The software has two types of propositions – Premium and Extreme packages. Their prices are different, because of offered features. Premium one is more common and has the most required options. Extreme package offers advanced expensive features.
Standard options let you monitor messages, location, photos, videos, calls, contacts etc. Nothing outstanding.

List of Monitored Social Services

People prefer using free services for texting and conversations. FlexiSpy can help you to monitor 13 of them: Skype, Viber, Hangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, BB Messenger, BB Pin, Line, Yahoo messenger and SnapChat.

Advanced Features

Advantages of the extreme version are for real professionals in spying:

  • recording of phone calls;
  • interception of calls;
  • recording of the surrounding space.

It’s up to you to choose it or not. This version costs more than it’s Premium friend.

Checking Extreme Features

All the named options were tested from A to Z. If you have bad mobile connection, the record of phone conversation can be failed. Follow the advice: use VLC Media Player for recording.
Interception of calls will be a nice decision for parents and in business. You can listen through conversation in the real time. But you can’t take part in this talk. You just listen to it. This service can be used on both Apple and Android devices. Even Viber, Skype and WhatsApp conversation can be overheard.


Main Options

Some features really have important roles. You can use App Blocking and decide, which program to close or delete. Set the alert words and control the chosen phone from the Dashboard – those options are really helping.
There is the Password Cracker in the Extreme version. It’s a new function and is sold even separately from the package. It shows all passwords and user names, which pass through the device. A spy gets access to all the social sites and other services.
Advanced Tracking informs about location of the monitored device through the map. It opens the possibility to view the history of transportation and moving. If you’re monitoring your child’s device, you will like the function of setting the borders. If you daughter or son leaves them, the software sends you alert.

Pricing Policy

A user can choose the duration of contract. Off course, prices are different for both versions. Premium Package is not so expensive, as the extreme one: pay $68 for 1 month, $99 for three and $149 for the year. Another version’s prices are really exorbitant! Three months’ period costs $199, and one year period goes for $349!

Advantages of FlexiSpy

This software has big pluses for each customer. It’s the only program, which supports such advanced features. Another benefit is the ability to hide well. The monitored person won’t see it on a phone’s display or in the list of apps. It even can hide Cydia.
You will not have questions during installation. The wizard is so professional that even an unprepared user can manage without assistance.
This software can be transferred from one device or phone to another.

Client Support

All the customers can found help at the most convenient hours. Ask questions 6 days a week and get a consultation.
If you have time, search for tutorials on their web site. That will be totally great, if you find them! Although it’s not easy to do this, those lessons worth it. You’ll see all the details and essential info.
The developer offers remote support, when a technician helps you with installation, Rooting and Jailbreak.



This software offers massive Extreme Version. Other companies don’t record conversations and can’t let intercept calls. But it’s not for each wallet. Basic features are the same as other companies make for less money.
Think well and make a list of preferable options – that may help to make a right decision.

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