Hiding the Icon of Cydia after iPhone Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a real way to the huge number of interesting and needed apps for the iPhone users. This process is needed for those, who want to have more abilities and advantages of their devices. Cydia is a special store of apps, which becomes available after Jailbreaking. It’s full of new programs, including spy ones. They help to monitor other devices and pull all the information out of them. Texting, photos, phone calls, contacts, browser history, videos, emails etc. – everything is available with those apps. They are great to help parents with children or employers and employees. There has never been anything easier than finding the exact location of your kid or checking his or her contact list. Since the users of iPhones get Cydia, they often try to hide it’s sign but do not manage to complete that mission.


The Reason for Hiding Cydia App

Many users want to install monitoring programs on their iPhone devices. This process is impossible without Jailbreaking. But what to do, if the icon of Cydia appears on your screen and can’t be taken away from there? Off course, it’s not the way out if you decided to delete the program! It supplies you with different programs, which aren’t proposed by Apple. If you don’t want somebody to get to know that the phone has been Jailbroken, follow the advices and easily hide it.

Instruction for Hiding Cydia

This process isn’t complicated at all. Open Cydia and find there the “SBSettings” program. Don’t worry at all – you won’t pay even a coin for it. This app is totally free and it fulfills a few important functions, but the main one is to hide the needed sign. When you are sure that the program is already on your phone, open it and find “Settings”. Than press “More” and choose “Hide Icons”. There will be a full list of your programs and their signs. The “On/Off” slider will be your helper in this mission. Choose the Cydia program and hide it’s icon. None person will ever distinguish that the iPhone’s been Jailbroken. If you want to make yourself safe, make the icon of the “SBSettings” app invisible too.

Now, each user knows how to cope with the Cydia icon and others. It shouldn’t be uninstalled and deleted from the phone. Moreover, you won’t find a person, who will understand that the iPhone has the program, which belongs only to Jailbroken devices.

How to Make Hidden Programs Visible

So, you are on the safe and calm side now and definitely know that your secret won’t be cleared. But how to return those icons? This question often visits minds of millions of users. The answer is rather simple. You’ll have to fulfill the activation of SBSettings program. Swipe from one side to another the status bar with your finger and the features of this program will appear. Choose “More” and “Hide Icons” again. After these steps just decide what programs you want to see on the display of your phone.

Off course, Jailbreaking is not for everybody. If a person is satisfied by Apple apps, why would he or she do it and install Cydia? But for most of iPhone owners it’s really necessary to download and use spy app. There are many appropriate programs nowadays, and some of them don’t need Jailbreaking. For example, mSpy released such kind of app recently. It doesn’t support all the general monitoring features as other ones do, but it is better to have it than not. If children need attention from all sides, parents can bravely use this program. But the lack of functions can’t show nice results.

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