Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile Review – Can This Phone Spy App Really Work?

Many people are left alone face to face with a problem of choosing a reliable application for spying. Many organizations’ owners will be delighted by having such a program. Parents would be charmed by the idea of controlling each step of their children. There’s a huge variety of new programs and people are afraid to trust all software developers. Let’s lift the veil and analyze one of those apps – Highster Mobile.Highster Mobile

Main Offered Features

Highster Mobile review preparation was interesting and needed personal use of the software. In general, it fulfils many those functions, which are offered and supported by other programs. It makes possible:

  • SMS and texting monitoring;
  • getting acquainted with the whole contact list;
  • photos and videos monitoring;
  • taking photos and making videos;
  • viewing messages from all of the famous social chats;
  • tracking phone calls.

This app is understandable and easy in everyday use. Some customers have unexplainable problems with installation of different programs. This one won’t make troubles. Each average user can install it by himself.
More information you will get on the apps’ site: http://highstermobile.com/

GPS Location Reporting

The software won’t show any result, if there’s no Internet. All benefits will be thrown away. One of them will be especially pleasant for parents. They can install this program on the phone or another gadget of the child and watch him or her from the distance. It will show them kid’s movements via Google Maps.
This feature is also useful for business purposes. The employer can monitor all the steps of the hired women and men. The app will show the clear picture, if the employee has a business trip and uses his or her time frivolously.


Blocking Features

Highster Mobile doesn’t belong to those programs, which lock web sites, applications and another forbidden information. That won’t help parents at all. They won’t protect their children from undesired news, banned info and harmful influence. But the software helps to delete the chosen programs distantly.

Customer’s Support

The practice shows that the developers of this app take care of clients. Their consultants are ready to answer each question every day, even on weekends. Nighttime isn’t trouble. They arranged everything for the needs of the client. Off course, managers are people too. Sometimes they are mistaken and you can get a wrong answer. But that happens rarely. If you want to receive the information right now, you can do that via chat online on their site.

Software Cost

You may be surprised, but the customer pays only once for the app. Although it’s cost is not too low. The software’s price is $69.99. They don’t ask for money for each period or something else. Make a detailed list of the needed information and then you will decide to buy this app or not.

What’s Good?

Off course, each user will find something valuable. The list of offered features almost doesn’t differ from other spy programs. All the functions are helpful and they monitor almost everything on the target phone. Such a software makes everyone feel like a real spy.
Another nice thing about the app is one-time payment. Most developers offer different versions, contracts and periods. When the term of use is finished and you want to continue spying, you’ll give money again. Highster Mobile isn’t that kind of software. Off course, most of program developers invest earned money into upgrades and researches.

Highster Mobile Review

What’s Bad?

The list of offers is really short. Many users just don’t find those features, which are needed. Such kind of software should develop and act more progressive. It has all the factors for further development but stands on one spot.
Parental control is not supported and this software doesn’t work with all the existing cell phones. Check this info before making a purchase.


Those customers, who are going to buy this software, must check the compatibility information. The reminded app supports some phone models on Android, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Visit the web site of the software developer and find out which device must be Jailbroken or Rooted.

Total Conclusion

It’s weird that such a software has such a short schedule of features. It’s definitely not cheap for that list. Some options are really handy, but analyze the total information fundamentally before buying.
There are many companies with permanent software upgrades. They use each tiniest possibility for development. It’s clear that advanced features are for the rich ones, but they show real quality and guarantee perfect functioning.
Highster Mobile has many competitors with better offers and greater experience. Software needs to be developed and upgraded.

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