Install Monitoring Software on Your Phone Correctly

All the apps are different and they must be installed carefully. Many users have problems, when they see monitoring program for the first time on the target cell phones. Sometimes they improperly try to hasten the installation process and the program refuses to work correctly. Don’t hurry up! That only makes problems. Relax and read the detailed helping guide. It will describe the most essential levels of installation.

Be Patient with Each Program

If you are the new one in monitoring, don’t ring the alarm and stop making unnecessary steps. No additional skills are required to install spy software.
There are thousands of different programs, but they have familiar rules. Off course, some installation steps will look like new for you, but better act too fast. Analyze the information you see and make clear decisions. Follow the prepared software instruction and problems won’t meet you on the finish line.

Get prepared Beforehand

130916103514568 (1)Before buying the spy software, look through all the features and valuable information. It’s supposed to be compatible with a target cell phone. You’ll be confused and even surprised if you pay for it but won’t be permitted to use it. Prepare only Rooted Android and Apple devices having Jailbreak for installation. A user must determine the options he needs and choose an appropriate package for his/her gadget.
Spy software developers have special articles with installation tips on their web sites. MobileSpy, mSpy and StealthGenie give the detailed information in those texts, so, make a research on your own. Another developer – the FlexySpy company, supports a user with a helping wizard. It perfectly guides you through jungles of installation. Off course, this program is the most expensive.
The program’s installation is going to be fulfilled successfully only if you guarantee access to the Internet. Check the email if it’s needed. You will receive important messages during purchasing, downloading and installation.

Monitoring Software Installation Process

Steps of installation may be different for different programs. But mostly they are the same. When you buy the spy app, don’t forget to write your email. It will be needed for installation.
Register on the software developer’s website and get an account and password. You’ll ne allowed to enter the Online Dashboard. Save that information for further use.
When purchase is completed, you get the letters of confirmation info with link for download and installation instruction. Use it carefully and the mission will be executed effectively. Make thoughtful steps and download a program onto a target cell phone. Just press the link and start this process. When it’s finished, write the activation code from the email. Then re-start the Smartphone. It helps to hide the steps of downloading the spy program and clears up the browser history. You’ll be the only one, who knows this secret.
You can adjust settings inside the Online Dashboard or during installation. Don’t forget to check Internet or Wi-Fi connection. The reports can be seen only if you have the access. They are sent to the Dashboard on the web site of the purchased software. Make a test and look through the information on your PC.

How to Work with Online Dashboard?

worried-family-financesVisit a web site of the needed spy software developer. Log in and enter your own Dashboard. All the reports will be saved over there. Start monitoring messages and secret information from the target phone. From now you’re the master of the situation and can control everything. Save your account information in a secured place and no one manages to find it.
All the Dashboards are functioning identically, only some options are different. Try to read fresh reports from the chosen phone. Check the GPS location and available information of the monitored device.
Dashboard plays the main role in spying. It lets control everything from afar, depending on the chosen software type. There’s a special option, which allows deleting a program from the target phone. That’s nice to know, because you want to reach the end in your spying game and don’t want to be caught. Clear the signs of your presence easily.
This guide is general, remember that all the programs have their installation requirements. Follow their instructions and make well-considered steps. Then your road to successful installation will be clear.

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