PhoneSheriff Investigator – Monitor Without Jailbreaking

It’s a new review about another famous spying program from MobileSpy developers – PhoneSheriff investigator. It has been researched very closely, so, all the advantages and problems are found and described. We’ll speak about a product for PC – PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, which differs from it’s relative for phones, which should be installed on target device. The user has to be extremely attentive, because the program can be chosen falsely.
According to the recent information, the PhoneSheriff Investigator’s developers refused to continue releasing this product. But the mSpy company decided to make the same program, which is awfully handy for those fathers and mothers, who desire to know each step of their kids.


The PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition Information

It’s an app, which has been specially created for monitoring Apple gadgets. Take advantage of iCloud Service and see the information on iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. For this, you should know the user’s Password and ID. This program should be downloaded and installed on a computer or laptop of the spying person. The chosen device should run Windows. The app has the obvious benefit – the monitored phone won’t suffer from jailbreaking. Many users don’t buy spying programs only because they don’t dare to go beyond all bounds.

The minus is that PhoneSheriff Investigator can spy upon only Apple devices. Everything’s OK, if you have to monitor the gadget of your own kid, and what if this person isn’t your relative and you have no idea about his or her individual information?

Conditions of the Use

ps1Each customer should remember that this program only shows the information of Apple gadgets and can’t be used for monitoring BlackBerry or Android. If you decided to buy PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, remember that it can be installed only on one PC. Several gadgets can be monitored at a time. It’s very effective for parents with a few children or directors of the companies, who want definitely to know that their employees do their job.
The monitored device should be running any possible version of IOS from 5.x and up. Each spy must know the Password and ID of the needed Apple gadget’s owner. There won’t be any result without this. It’s necessary to back up the chosen device using iCloud. Your Laptop or Personal Computer must run Windows Vista, 7 or 8. If you dared to monitor someone’s gadget, think of the Internet connection. It’s possible to get the information only if you hold to those terms.
You only give money once for the program and no additional payments are needed.

Abilities of a Program

PhoneSheriff Investigator can’t be compared with other phone monitoring programs. Off course, it has some familiar characteristics, but basically this app works in a different way. A user can monitor: all the messages and iMessages, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS location, the list of contacts, photos and notes, Safari Bookmarks (with the help of Safari browser), information about the account.

Such a list really cuts down the opportunities of the customer. This program can be used only because of some personal preferences.

Details of the PhoneSheriff Investigator’s Work

This program is very understandable. You don’t need to have any extra skills to deal with it. The spy should know that the chosen device uses iCloud. Find out the ID and Password of the needed account and you can look through the information in a storage on your PC. The target gadget will synchronize with iCloud when it’s running or with the help of Wi-Fi. It’s clear that there’s nothing remarkable about this program. PhoneSheriff Investigator shows all the information from iCloud on your own Laptop or computer.

The info on the target device will be shown only after syncing. That’s rather inconvenient. Moreover, the program shows the location, where it’s been updated, but not where it is at the exact time. Besides it’s very uneasy to get someone’s Password and ID. This program is a great variant only for parents.

Pluses and Minuses of the Program

A famous company created PhoneSheriff Investigator. There are no any “hidden rocks” about using it. Each person can easily buy it and install on computer. There’s no need to jailbreak a phone, which is weighty for large number of people.

Don’t wait for some special features from this app. It’s more for spying upon children, but not upon other people. Parents want to be calm, knowing that their kids don’t have conversations with someone weird or strangers etc.
This program isn’t the cheapest one. Some customers aren’t able to give 79 $ for a spy software. The plus is that additional payments aren’t required. If a person wants to try it, there’s an ability to use the Trial version. It’s free and available for 7 days’ period use or can show 10 records.

Overall Result

Main tips of the review are:

  • PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition is available only for Apple gadgets;
  • the program gets information from iCloud storage;
  • no need to jailbreak the chosen phone for spying;
  • your PC should run Windows 7, 8;
  • ID and Password of the chosen user;
  • multiple monitoring;
  • no need to pay again.

Some customers would be exited to have such an app, because it has it’s attractive sides. But minuses are obvious and many features of the monitoring software aren’t present. There’s no chance to enjoy all the benefits of spy program. It would be almost perfect for families. But what’s the way to find out where’s your child right now? Sometimes Internet connection is absent and there’s no occasion to sync the information.
Those, who made this program, did a great job, but it is certainly not for everybody. So, the information about it should be researched carefully.

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