Review of the Well-Known Mobile Spy Software

Mobile Spy has been positioning itself as one of the cheapest apps of this sort. Almost each client could install this program on the phone and enjoy the advantages of it’s features. Mobile Spy review is built on a real test and each feature has been used.

This app was rather nice, but recently this company has changed some options, and it doesn’t obvious benefits right now. The most disappointing trouble is the fact that it’s icon becomes visible on the display of the chosen phone. The person, you want to spy upon, will find out about it at once. The organization decided to choose such kind of policy to prevent problems with law.

What a User Should Know About Mobile Spy?

flexispy-1-1600x600This organization has a really large experience in monitoring since 2003. Moreover, it’s name haven’t ever been changed! That’s impressive and can be a huge plus for it, because most of spy software providers do it. They have a reason for that. Those companies cheat people and provide invalid product. When there appear many complaints, they just change the name and start lying clients again.

Mobile Spy is situated in the USA, which shows that this organization is a serious player. Most of scams choose little countries. Moreover, the company offers customers to make payments via Pay Pal. It’s more comfortable and clearer, than using other suspicious methods.

The site of this firm is rather accurate and informative. Mobile Spy has a high rating among other monitoring software developers. Many clients leave good comments and the number of sold apps is impressive – it is nearly 150,000. But who knows, each company can fake such information.

Which Phones Support Mobile Spy Software?

The company has created a product, which can be used by large number of clients. This information concerns such Operating Systems, as:

  • BlackBerry up to 7.1;
  • iPhone up to 7.1.2;
  • Android up to 4.4.3;
  • Windows Mobile 6 only;
  • Symbian up to 9.5.

Mobile Spy supports even iPads and Android Tablets.

Main Options of Mobile Spy

faa034000297The organization has those features, which are proper to other monitoring apps. Off course, many of them aren’t accessible any more, but some are still helping users. If you need, you can enjoy: text messages and email viewing, GPS tracking, checking web browser history or photos and videos monitoring etc. All those features are attractive, but what’s the point if each person can catch you spying? Remember that it’s not hidden any more.

Advanced options cost more than standard ones. This policy has come with the appearance of the newest version of this app in 2014. But there’s a need to notice that the company decided to let customers try the taste of real benefits. Mobile Spy offers two packages – Standard and Premium with Live Control Level. The developers decided to add some advances features to the basic version. That’s a real bait for each user!

Prices are different for those packages. There are 3 period contracts for each version. Standard package prices are about: $49.97 for 3 months, $69.97 for half of the year and $99.97 for the year. Premium version costs more: $64.97 for 3 months, $89.97 for 6 months, $139.97 for 12 months. As we see, both packages have high prices. Average users will have to think about such money wasting.

Which Features Were Offered in a Standard Package?

Those options supposed to make spying and monitoring phones of other people easier for lower prices. Although some of features aren’t available any more, let’s check what hidden information you could find:

  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp (which is still available), BlackBerry messenger (also available) and other types of Social Monitoring. Everything personal could be viewed. All those features are created for the ability to check the information on social sites and in chats.
  • Alerts. It’s the ability to choose trigger words or numbers and get the information about their appearance on the determined phone. That’s a great feature if a customer has children.
  • Dropbox spying.
  • Viewing and blocking apps (still available).
  • Remote control.
  • Information of the dashboard.

Live Control Panel Advantages

This is the addition to the Premium Package. It has some attractive features, which can’t be used by a client, who has the Standard one. For example, the spying person can make a screenshot of the monitored display. That is very helpful for mothers and fathers, who want to see what their children do with their phones, which sites they visit etc. Another feature is the Map, which shows, where the needed person is at the time. Logs by Email lets a customer to send all the information from the chosen monitor to the personal mail.
Well, those features are interesting, but are they really needed and worse those money? A user should also notice that they can’t be used on some phones.

Online Demo on Site of Mobile Spy

Each user should find this demo and watch it to understand how this app works. You can see all the details and find out which options you will get. Off course, this process may take your valuable time.

Important Addition

Mobile Spy let’s a user spying upon a few phones at a time. That’s handy if you have children or have to monitor the corporative device of the employee. The company sets reduced prices for multiple licenses.
Another trick, which is used by this company, is the unexpected present you get for the 12 months package. That’s the Sniper Spy subscription for computers. That monitoring system costs $80, so, this surprise is really a nice compensation for such an expensive package.

Is Mobile Spy Really a Strong Player?

This company’s age is really impressive – it’s occupying it’s place in the industry for more than 10 years. Off course, this fact is luring for users. But you should think and analyze the information about this app from A to Z. If you don’t want to do that, the result can be disappointing. That’s because Mobile Spy can be caught on the monitored display. Moreover, many features don’t exist anymore.

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