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SpyBubble Review – What’s Inside The Cell Phone Tracker?

Have you ever thought how much easier it is to fulfil some tasks or control the situation now? We all know that the world of technologies develops very fast. There weren’t so many possibilities even twenty years ago. Could you believe then that in future you’ll be able to see each step of you little daughters and sons even from distance? In 2016 everything is possible, don’t doubt! Now we have Internet, many different gadgets, Smartphones etc. All those things are created by the brightest minds of our planet. These little friends are supported by different programs, which have the mission to make lives of people cloudless.
Spy applications gain more and more attention every day. Curious customers buy them and enjoy monitoring cell phones of people they know. Let’s examine SpyBubble software, which offers poor quantity of useful features.

Tracking and Spying

Monitoring programs have an identical set of offered options. SpyBubble review is dedicated to those people, who desire to get more effective information. Read those tips and notice:

  • software opens for you the world of personal messages, letters, emails, chats etc. You will see each letter and word. All contacts are prepared for viewing too;
  • all incoming or outgoing photos and pictures are saved. You can monitor almost all kinds of media files;
  • the ability of browser history tracking is especially luring. Check which sites are visited by your child or employee at the working hours;
  • find out about the subject of conversations made by the target phone and see time, contact names and numbers. No one will ever mask any information from you;
  • control someone’s phone even from huge distance.

This information doesn’t contain all the objects of the picture. Check the description of all the options on the web site of software: http://www.spybubble.com/


GPS Location Reporting

This feature is the most favorite for many users. You can’t find a better way to find where your child is at this moment. You can see the proper location via Google Maps. Off course, Internet and Wi-Fi are especially needed. The target phone updates and the actual information is sent to the server.

Capability for Blocking

How many times you had doubts about the information your children get from the Internet? Blocked URLs wouldn’t do any harm. Distressing information would never be caught by the eyes of little kids. Unfortunately, the software can’t present you such an opportunity. You can’t block sites and different forbidden programs. Developers should think well about this capability.

SpyBubble ReviewClient Support

The company doesn’t care about client’s problems at all. The only desire of developers is to sell more items. Massive advertising and progressive promotion lead a person to purchase. But when it comes to support, you can’t get any useful info. A client can write in the online chat or send emails – nothing works well. Managers don’t fulfill their responsibilities.
Don’t wait for the answers to your complains. If this software doesn’t satisfy your needs, that’s your disappointing problem. They must return your money, but don’t hope for this too much. Developers convince that each coin will be given back. But very soon comes the moment, when they say that it will be made later and later. As the result – a client doesn’t get his or her money at all.

Price and Quality

There are two packages offered. You decide and choose a three months’ package for $49.95 or six months’ package for $ 79.95. This program can be installed almost on each phone and device. It’s features are always upgraded. But you can check other apps and see by yourselves that this one doesn’t have the lowest prices. Many other programs offer more options and cost less.

What’s Positive?

The SpyBubble software is installed easily on a new or old phone and even iPad. It takes a few moments and you can successfully use it. All the features are permanently upgraded. The software supports all the appropriate features and doesn’t differ from familiar programs. You will find all the reports in you online cabinet.

What’s Negative

Media files often have forbidden and bad info. This software lets you watch through all the pictures and photos on the target devices, but not videos. Calendar information is unavailable as well.
You won’t get any alert, when the SIM card is changed. It means that you will miss something very important. Keyword alert isn’t available too.
Bad customer support is the main disappointing fact. What do you do when something goes wrong with your software? Off course, you get in touch with professional consultants. But you won’t get any luck, if you bought this app.

Cell Phone Compatibility

This easy installed software will work on: iPhones. iPads, BlackBerry and Android, Symbian and Windows mobile.

Review Conclusion

The market of spy software is full of nice and satisfying programs. This application isn’t better than others, but it’s not even worse. You can find all the traditional options and offers. Off course, don’t expect for low prices. This program is more than expensive despite the fact that other apps give you more useful abilities.
Disappointing customer support is another thing for consideration. It’s poor and most of customers are left with empty hands and get neither good software nor money.

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