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StealthGenie Review – Monitor Text Messages with Mobile Phone Tracker

Parents always anxious about their little children and prefer to be sure that kids have good obedient friends, information they get is safe and they won’t get lost in some strange place. Modern technologies satisfy the wishes and requires of all the users. We have the widest range of spy programs for different gadgets nowadays. You install such an application on the target phone and it represents the information from it on your gadget.
We can determine one of those programs. StealthGenie was an ideal choice for most mothers and fathers. It’s a pity that it’s not supported any more. The seller and developer of this software doesn’t offer monitoring programs any more.

Monitoring and Reporting

The software has the main package of monitoring abilities. That list is offered by almost all the spy programs:

  • read texts from chats, SMS, emails and social sites;
  • analyze the call history of the target phone, see all the contacts and address book data;
  • get the alert when SIM is changed;
  • control the chosen device from afar. You can close, delete or watch through it’s apps;
  • listen to records of surrounding;
  • examine the Browser history.

All the options are useful and they gained popularity among thousands of users. But that’s not the guarantee of high and first class quality.

StealthgenieTracking GPS Locations

This feature informs where the monitored phone is at the exact moment. It allows to set safe borders and you get the alert, when that spot is being left. Caring parents successfully use such kind of an option. It’s the guarantee of safety and protection of a child. Many employers use it as well. Some employees don’t execute the set tasks well, so, there’s always an ability to spy upon them. The director can see what places visit the hired person during trips on business.

Blocking Feature

This feature isn’t developed well for such a software. There’s no much information about it for StealthGenie review. The major thing to notice is the fact that you won’t have an opportunity to block any sites and pages. The customer can’t hide the undesirable information from the device. That’s a minus because children get bad information from Internet as well.

Support of Clients

The company wants to be closer to the customers and tries to do anything that will help to win their affection. The 24/7 support means a lot for people. It gives trust to the company, because a client is assured that his or her problems will be solved and it doesn’t matter what part of the day it is. Weekends are loved by people very much. They have lots of free time and have leisure minutes to find out the information about spy app.
The web site of StealthGenie had a convenient chat online, where you could communicate with consultants in the real time. Off course, you had to wait a little, because many clients like you use it.

Stealthgenie ReviewPrice and Quality Correlation

The Basis version of this software has a rather reliable price – 8 $ for a month of usage. Platinum package costs 16 $ per month. The price is not bad for such an app with a short list of features. Other software developers offer more functions and monitoring abilities. They divide them into versions and packages with different filling.

Advantages and Good Sides

All the features strictly fulfil their options. The main plus of the software is location tracking. If the monitored person leaves the determined area, the spy gets a notification. This means that your child will never be missing. It’s extremely important nowadays, when the world is cruel and kids can’t be fully protected.
You will see all the secret messages and have all the names from the contact book of the target phone. This information will no longer be hidden from your eyes.
The records of surrounding space will be among the received reports. You will hear all sounds around the monitored person.

Bad Sides

All the programs have their minuses and defects. That’s why developers upgrade their products and try to invent something new and more helpful. This application can’t block dangerous URLs and prevent doubtful programs’ downloading. It disappoints many potential customers, because they want to secure their kids from all sides.

What Phones are Supported?

Spy software can’t work on all of the devices. StealthGenie supports BlackBerry, Android and Apple types of devices. Check if your phone should be Jailbroken or Rooted. This term is general for almost all the spy programs.

Making a Conclusion

This monitoring application is a good helper for parents. Prices are not disappointing. There are not many features offered. Some users won’t like this fact because many other software apps support a wider range of functions.
If you want to try some spy program, but don’t want to give much money for it, look for a cheap app with limited offers. They cost less and have only basic features without any additions.

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