Which Phone Spy Software is Better – FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy or mSpy

Sometimes there’s no enough time to find an appropriate phone software. Especially it relates to spy apps. Right now we’ll analyze the main features, minuses and pluses of top programs of this kind. Consider this information very well and take it into account. It will be extremely important at the moment of choosing of the needed program.
The latest supervision shows that StealthGenie isn’t available anymore and no one can visit it’s site anymore. That happened because of the legal case against it’s Director. Another app Mobile Spy can’t be recommended any more as well, because some of it’s functions have been changed or taken away. This spy can be seen right now, so, no one can get benefit from it. But let’s revert to the main theme and see the exact offers, which are proposed by system developers.

Comparison of Three Top Spy Apps

spy-software-comparisonAs we can see from the graphic, all the programs have almost the familiar main features. Many of them are available for different sorts of packages. Those features may not be free or cost more. If a customer wants to have one of the represented apps, it’s necessary to visit their sites to get acquainted with all the details: https://www.mspy.com, http://www.flexispy.com/.

This list shows that those apps have almost the same features, except of the few of them. For example, mSpy doesn’t have the functions of call recording, surround rec and geo fencing. Mobile Spy couldn’t support 12 features! Only FlexySpy can offer all the needed services, but that also means that this app costs a lot for the average user. Off course, each company tries to win all hearts of clients and invent something that another one cannot offer. The more clients they will get, the more money will flow to their accounts. Sometimes new features are created in haste, and the user can realize that it’s invalid only after purchase.

FlexySpy Competing mSpy

These companies are the leaders among supporters of programs of this kind. They try to satisfy the wishes of the users and perform almost the same functions. But there are still different things, which are very important for some customers and play the main role when they choose spy software. As we saw, mSpy doesn’t offer call intercept, you won’t have an ability to record sound of surrounding and your talk during the call.

picture_65108FlexySpy review included test of those features. For example, call recording doesn’t have any obvious problems and can be effectually used. However, there is one important thing that a user should know. If the call has been disconnected, the record fails too. It’s the great problem if you are at some place with bad connection. The conversation won’t be fully recorded. This app has two versions – Premium and Extreme. The first one is cheaper, but it cannot offer you all the needed features. Extreme version is too costly. You’ll have an opportunity to use all it’s advantages. The company offers three months period of Extreme version usage at the lower price. That’s rather interesting, but then you will have to pay more in future.

Another famous company, which provides this software, has recently refused to provide recording features. This company did it to avoid court preferences. Nevertheless, it has large number of sales. That means a lot for the user, but what’s the benefit if you cannot record calls and surrounding? On the other hand, this provider offers the No Jailbreak Monitoring service which is very useful for those, who have iPhones. There’s an ability to spy without efforts. It lets you to monitor talks, messages or mail with no need to jailbreak the system of the appropriate person’s phone.

Both companies have special propositions to use their apps according to shortened periods. Each person can choose how long to enjoy with spy software – for one, two or three months. That’s very convenient, because a client can save the money and test the chosen app. Long term period contracts of both companies cost rather much for ordinary users. At the most crucial moment you can find that your app is not available anymore and you have to look for money to pay for the next period of usage.

Mobile Spy Review

This company’s prices are the cheapest, according to the latest researches. The cost of it’s app has been the most attractive for the users. For a long period, there have been absent only a few needed features, such as: call recording and interception. But recently, they have removed most of the attractive and useful functions. For example, spying cannot be safe anymore. The icon of this program appears on the monitor of the target phone.

What App to Choose?

This question worries all the users. It’s very important to determine your needs in monitoring. All the companies have different features, that’s why ask yourself the question: ”Which information exactly do I want to get?”
Another important thing is to find out the type of the phone, you’re going to monitor. Some of them can’t be jailbroken by any app. Off course, before choosing the spy software, you should count your money. All of those apps are rather expensive, no matter what the usage period will be. FlexySpy offers cost more, but it has more interesting features. If you need something cheaper, check the mSpy. Off course, you won’t find there those features, which will allow you to be aware of each step of the chosen person.

The proven method to choose an appropriate app is to test it. You can do this using the help of demo versions, which you will have to find on sites of those companies. That will make your uncertain steps on the way to the perfect and best software easier. On the other hand, this process also takes your time and you cannot feel all the benefits of both spy apps.

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